GRE Tutoring

Learn to Beat the Test

My current focus is on GRE tutoring. I took the test in June 2020 and scored 162 on Verbal (90%), 170 on Quantitative (99%+), and 5 on Analytical Writing (92%).

My teaching philosophy is that I believe that all students are different and have different needs. I don't have any "core" material because something that is necessary for one person may not be necessary for someone else as they may learn a different way. Some students may need to relearn some information, while other students are simply looking for tips and tricks to improve their timing. I plan on tailoring my teaching specifically to each student. Typically, in the first couple sessions, we will identify areas of weakness and set goals. Then, while working through your own materials, we can meet as often as you like and check in on the goals and ask questions about the material. I find that the material itself isn't very challenging. It's the time and the way the test is written, and this is where the majority of my focus is.

I charge $30/tutoring session. Tutoring sessions are typically 1 hour - 1.5 hours long, but may be extended. I would prefer that all sessions be conducted through Zoom or another online program. Sessions will also be 1 on 1. Please contact me for additional details.

I have tutored other standardized tests before in the past, but with the GRE still fresh, I can make the most impact there. I would also be interested in tutoring in English as a second language or math. If you are interested in other subjects, please let me know what you're looking for and we can decide whether it is a good fit.